Clients write:

Peter is literally the go-to-guy for great demographic insights and practical applications for brands, marketers and business-decision makers. While ‘big data’ is all the rage in marketing these days, understanding the key trends shaping the very fabric of the consumer landscape is more critical than ever. No one knows the numbers – and what they mean – like Peter. On top of that, he’s a great speaker and a pleasure to work with and learn from.

  –  Matt Carmichael
Senior Director of Research and Data, Crain’s Chicago Business

Peter Francese is truly the most knowledgeable demographics expert I have ever had the opportunity to know or see speak. His command of demographic data and trends is without equal, but most important is his ability to translate the importance of the demographic analysis into meaningful trends and directions that provide people and companies with solid, well-founded recommendations for the future.  He is a true legend that is more valuable than any consulting organization in the American business community.

–  Don Hermanek
Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer
Insurance Auto Auctions

Peter Francese is a consultant with MetLife Mature Market Institute as our Trends Analyst and we couldn’t be more pleased. Drawing from his years of experience in demographic analysis and interpreting it for a business audience, he focuses on such topics as changes in US household composition, global aging, and workforce population shifts. His presentations are always well-received; he presents data in a lively, down to earth way and relates the findings to business objectives. We are very happy with Peter’s work and value his understanding of our needs, his collaborative manner and his deep knowledge.

–  Dr. Sandra Timmerman
Vice President, MetLife
Director, MetLife Mature Market Institute

I have had the privilege of working closely with Peter Francese since 2007, and my only disappointment is that I did not find him many years before. Peter brings a unique combination of skills to the challenge of trying to ascertain where the world is headed. He has an unmatched skill in exploring the nuances of demographic data, understanding where the information is strong, where it is weak, where one set supports another, strengthening the message, and where differing data sets conflict, urging caution in analysis. Just as importantly, Peter has a long history in reading the meaning of the data. It’s nice to know that households are changing, but why, and what does this mean? To offer truly authoritative analysis of demographic data – using it to establish demographic trends – is only possible with experience and context. A full career of reading the tea leaves of our national statistics has enabled Peter to see predictions succeed and fail, and fine-tune his sharp sense of how we can look at demographic trends and try and project how they will impact society, culture, and business. Importantly, he is skilled a taking the broader trends of the nation and explaining how they will impact individual businesses and industries. And to top it off, Peter is a compelling speaker, which I have experienced first-hand many times. At our own conference, Peter is invariably our highest rated presenter. I cannot recommend Peter strongly enough to any individual or organization seeking to understand how their customers and employees are changing, and trying to build a successful strategy to serve not the world of yesterday, but the world of tomorrow.

–  Brian P. Sullivan
President, Risk Information Inc.
Chairman, Auto Insurance Report National Conference & Property Insurance Report National Conference

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