Peter Francese is a nationally recognized demographic and consumer markets expert.  He is one of the most sought after speakers and writers on these subjects in the country today.

He founded and published the influential American Demographics magazine in 1979, which quickly became the nation’s most authoritative source on consumer trends for business leaders. American Demographics was nominated three times for a National Magazine Award and is now part of Advertising Age magazine.

His report for Advertising Age, “2010 America: What the 2010 Census Means for Marketing and Advertising”, correctly predicted that the census would count 50 million Hispanics in the U.S.

Francese writes periodically for Advertising Age magazine and he authored the weekly column, “People Patterns”, for several years, which reported on demographic trends for a business audience and was syndicated in 50 newspapers and subsequently appeared monthly in The Wall Street Journal.

His 2011 report on American grandparents for the MetLife Mature Market Institute titled, “American grandparents: New insights for a new generation of grandparents” was the first to predict major shifts in this important consumer segment. To obtain a copy, please click here.

Peter Francese has authored several books on how to effectively target consumer markets, including: “Capturing Customers” (1991); Marketing Know-How” (1996); “Marketing Insights to Help Your Business Grow” (1998). His most recent book, “Communities and Consequences” (2008), was co-authored with Lorraine Stuart Merrill and accurately forecasted social, economic and demographic challenges that New Hampshire is now facing.

Among his other work, Francese is the demographic trends analyst for the MetLife Mature Market Institute www.metlife.com/mmi. He is currently the Director of Demographic Forecasts for The New England Economic Partnership, a non-profit public research organization www.neepecon.org.

Francese is a recipient of the Silver Bell Award for Distinguished Public Service from the Advertising Council. He is also a recipient of the Visionary Award from the Workforce Housing Coalition. He holds a graduate degree from Cornell University and has served two terms on the University President’s Council.

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