Understanding Tomorrow’s Marketplace Today

Effective marketing strategies and customer-centered product development are essential components to reaching your goals. But the consumer marketplace today is so dynamic that the question of identifying and reaching your audience can be frustratingly complex.

Peter Francese untangles the mystery of population trends. He weaves together the threads of today’s consumer marketplace that are most important to you and your business so that you can better plan for the future.

Francese understands not only what is happening now, but also identifies what’s coming around the corner. He delves deeply into the implications on population trends and what they mean to you. Business groups and other organizations consistently turn to Francese because he turns complex data into actionable information.

Francese provides precise data but also combines his writings and presentations with engaging humor and an analysis of why these facts and their consequences matter to you. He’s been researching consumer trends for three decades and is recognized as one of today’s most trusted demographic experts.

Bottom line, Peter Francese makes sense of a changing world.

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